Best Laptops

In the technology driven world,  people talk only about machines. This world has become robotics where laptops are omnipresent and perform most of the work. Whether you need to add some effect to your photos or want to send a ton of emails to your colleagues, you need a decent laptop. Laptops are of various kinds and fall under a variety of budget. Buying a decent laptop is not hard, you can just go to a shopping website and can buy the one seems to be decent.

best-Laptops-handpicked-by-laptopifyBut when it comes to buying a great laptop which is also worth the money, you need to really spend some time researching for the perfect model. A great laptop is differentiated from a decent one by the level of performance & battery it offers. To save your valuable time, we have prepared some amazing posts.

Why there is need for different laptops?

Every laptop is built for a different need. If you are a freelancer content writer, then you don’t need a laptop with high-end specifications. But if you are a gamer, then you definitely need a laptop with good specifications. Everyone has a different purpose & budget. There are high-end laptops which have specs like  7th generation i7 processor, 16GB RAM and much more whereas there are average laptops which have specs like Intel i3, 8GB etc. It completely depends on you which kind of laptop you want. Always remember that a single laptop cannot fulfill all your needs so, buy the one which suits you best.

Below are some of the handpicked laptops under various categories, take a look:

► Laptops for Graphic Design

Take a look at amazing graphic designing and multimedia laptops to design elegant graphic and web elements. A decent graphic designing laptop should have specifications like Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM and much more. Read More

Laptops For AutoCAD

AutoCAD laptops are especially for individuals who create more structural drawings and work in the architecture field. Here we have listed 7 best laptops for AutoCAD use that you can buy today. Read More

►  Top 17 Inch Laptops

Laptops come in various display size like 11 inches, 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches, 17 inches and more. Here you can find some of the amazing 17-inch laptops which can take you computing experience to the next level. Read More

Laptop For Programming

If you love programming, then you need a laptop which can handle all your coding and compile tasks. We have mentioned best 11 laptops for programming and coding purposes which can smoothen your programming work. Read More

Laptops for FL Studio

If you work as a digital audio workstation expert, then you definitely need a laptop which can smoothly run complex software like Fl Studio. Here are some of the best hand-picked laptops for fl studio users. Read More

Top Hackintosh Laptops

Want to run MAC OS on Windows PC, if yes then you need a PC which is compatible of doing this incredible job. Take a look our top picked laptops which can support Hackintosh software. Read More

Laptop for Teachers

Teachers too need a decent laptop in order to manage data of their students and events. We have selected some of the top laptops which we think are perfect for teachers. Read More

Best Linux Laptop

Similar to Windows, there are some laptops which also supports other Operating systems like Linux or Ubuntu. Here are some of the best laptops that we have the top pick for the Linux operating system. Read More

Laptops For SolidWorks

If you work as a 3D designer or want to draw 3D CAD drawings, then a laptop which can support software like Solidworks is a must. We have hand-picked some top laptops that support Solidworks exceptionally well. Read More

Laptops For Writers

Writing tasks require a laptop which easily runs lag free and increases productivity. If you are a freelancer content writer or a storyteller writing your next amazing plot, then you must take a look at our top-picked laptops. Read More

Laptops for Data Science

Data Science requires collecting and managing of lots of important data on the daily basis. If you are looking a laptop specifically for data science work, then you can check out top picked list. Read More

Laptops for Architectures

If you work as an architect or pursuing your bachelor as an architecture student, then an amazing laptop is waiting to be in your tools arsenal. check out our top-picked list of best architecture laptops. Read More

Laptops for Blogging and Bloggers

Blogging nowadays has become extremely popular. Bloggers need a decent laptop to manage all of their content writing and marketing work and thus require a decent laptop which can provide a lag free experience to their blogging. Read More

Laptops for Music Production

Music Production task requires a lot of efforts and some high-end software which can tune the audio. For the software, to run smoothly, you also need a laptop with a good specification. Read More

Laptops for Animation

Here are some of the best laptops that you can use for 2D and 3D animation work. Animation work requires the lag-free environment to render big sized animated files. Read More

Laptops For Photoshop/Photo Editing

If you work as a graphic designer or a photographer, then you need a laptop which can support software like Adobe Photoshop etc. Here we have listed top laptops for Photoshop work. Read More

Laptops For Kids

Kids don’t require a laptop with high-end features. They need a small laptop for playing games and having fun. we have handpicked some of the laptops for kids that all mothers can afford. Read More

Laptop for Video Editing

Software like Adobe after effects, Sony Vegas Pro and much more require high-end configuration to run. So, in order to work lag-free and do video editing you need a laptop with decent specs. Read More

Laptops for Web Development

Are you a web developer and want to create amazing looking websites for yourself or your client. If yes, then you need a decent machine which can smoothly run programs like Adobe Dreamweaver etc. Read More
Laptops for Djing and DJs
Dj systems are quite often seen in parties and family functions. If you work as a Dj or owns a Dj by yourself, then a great laptop should be an essential part of your setup. Read More

► Laptop for Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an amazing software used for editing and image designing. With you Adobe Lightroom you can edit multiple images at a time. Now since the software provides you a ton of amazing features, it also requires a good laptop with a great configuration. Read More

► Laptop For Medical Students

Medical Science is a vast field and students studying medical science needs to generate reports on daily basis. If you are a medical student and looking for a laptop to increase your productivity, then check out our top picked laptops. Read More

► Laptop for Drawing and Artists

Whether you are an artist, or a CAD software expert your workstation, needs a decent machine/laptop. We have picked top laptops and tested few of them to give you the best value information. Read More

► Laptops For Engineering Students

Whether you are pursuing engineering in computer science or information technology you need a laptop on which you can do your day to day work. Check out top amazing laptops for engineering students by clicking at reading more. Read More

Laptops For Seniors and Elders

Looking for a laptop that can easily play all your movies, stories and spiritual programs, then you must consider our list of best laptops for seniors and elders. This list can save you a ton of time. Read More

Laptops By Budget

Laptops Under 200

Looking for some cheap laptops under 200 dollars? If yes, then this list of laptops will surely help you to get your best-desired laptop. Remember that a laptop under 200 dollars will be very basic and can only be used for writing or document work. Read More

► Laptops Under 400

Here you can find best laptops below 400 dollars. Under 400 dollars you can get specs like Intel i3, 4GB RAM and much more. We have prepared list of 10 best laptops, check it out today. Read More

► Laptops Under 600

Finding the best laptop under 600 dollars is not an easy task. We have handpicked some of the best models that come under the 600 dollar range. Read More

► Laptops Under 700

Under $700, you can find specs like Intel i5 quad core, 2GB or 4GB graphic card, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD etc. We have reviewed some amazing laptops which performed extremely well. Read More