How to clean a laptop screen

When we are using laptops or computers, we are usually concerned with the functionality of the hardware parts and the software system. However, one of these significant parts of our laptops is its screen. A clear screen allows us to view everything easily. But, many users do not give importance to the cleanliness of the screen. If you use your laptops regularly, then lots of dust particles get accumulated on the screen. Thus, with no care, your laptop screen may become dirty and hazy. To help you in cleaning this LCD screen, we have presented a guide.

  • Preparation of your laptop screen

You need to turn off the laptop. To make sure, you may better unplug the device. Never start your cleaning task if the screen isn’t cool enough to touch with your hand. In many cases, cleaning a hot laptop screen has caused damage.

  • Take dry microfiber fabric for wiping up the laptop screen

Microfiber allows you to use innovative technology. Any ordinary towel that you use in your kitchen or for other household tasks is not recommendable. This towel is not intended to clean any delicate screen. It can remove the grease from any surface but is highly abrasive. While you have used it for your laptop, it may cause scratch marks on the screen.

Microfiber can be the best material that never adversely affects your laptop screen. Sometimes, the dust and stains, like fingerprint may become much stubborn, and they stick to your LCD screen. So, use the dry piece of cloth (microfiber) for removing them. You need to rub the screen very gently.

  • Cleansing the LCD screen with a wet sponge

If you like to use a sponge, you can wet it with water. Squeeze the sponge to reduce the level of moisture, and then slowly wipe the screen. You may also use some safe laptop cleaning solutions, available in the market.

  • Do not buy a cleaning product with ammonia content

A cleaning substance, which has ammonia or alcohol in its content, cannot be good for your laptop. Many people try to apply their window cleaning agent for the laptop screen. However, such products can make the screen look cloudy. Your laptop screen does not have anything, which is resistant to chemicals. That is why you have to be careful while buying any cleaning solutions for a laptop.

  • Do not allow your cleaning agent directly contact the screen-

No matter whether it is water or some other cleaning substance, it has a chance of getting into your monitor. And it can cause more damages to your devices. So, the best thing that you may do is to wet your piece of cloth for wiping down the screen. Direct application of any liquid or solvent is not acceptable, according to most of the experts.

So, these are some of the ways with the help of which you can clean and take better care of the screen of your laptop with no hassle. You will also get a better experience from the clear laptop screen.


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