So you are facing the error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config right? This error comes when you try to browse a website and the browser immediately shows this error. Look the image below and verify that if you have got the same error-

dns probe finished bad config error

we researched in different forums and finally collected the best solution for this error. In this post we’ll give you the top 4 methods that you can apply to solve this DNS error easily. Make sure you follow each steps carefully-


Method 1: Resetting your IP and DNS by Command Prompt (Recommended Method)

This is our top recommended method to solve the error easily. All you need to do it to clear the internal log of IP addresses. This will refresh your IP and will connect you with a new refreshed IP. To reset your IP and DNS, firstly open command prompt as administrator.

Important  Note: Open command prompt as administrator, otherwise the method will not work.  (SEE BELOW)

Open CMD as Administrator
Open CMD as Administrator

Once you have opened the command prompt as administrator, type the below given code and press enter.

netsh winsock reset



Now after completing the above process, type the below given code now and then again press enter

ipconfig /flushdns



Important note: Note the space between ipconfig and /flushdns

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After flushing the old IP and DNS, now its time to generate a new one. This process is really simple. Now after you have completed the above process, type the below given code and the press enter-

ipconfig /renew



Important note: Note the space between ipconfig and /flushdns, Windows 10 users can also read about the error here

Now after you have done all the steps properly, restart you computer. This method will 95% solve your problem, if the error is only coming due to IP and DNS errors. This method is our first recommend method to solve DNS probe finished bad config error.

Method 2: Changing DNS Settings Manually

This type of error can also be solved by configuring DNS manually. Follow the steps given below to configure DNS settings easily-

  1. Open Network and Sharing center of your computer. You can open it by right clicking the network icon from your task bar or you can simply go to your control panel to open Network and Sharing Center.

2. Click on Local area connections or WiFi option and open properties of local area connection or WiFi Status (SEE BELOW)

After you open the properties of your local area connection or WiFi network a dialogue box will appear. From the box that appeared, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then again click on properties. (SEE BELOW)

After clicking on properties, a new box will appear of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties. Here you have to select “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” radio button. Now in the black areas enter { with the Alternate Server being} (SEE BELOW)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you click on “validate setting upon exit”

Now click on OK to complete the process. This method can also solve the DNS bad config error easily.

Method 3: Update Network Drivers and Clear Cache of Browser

This DNS probe finished bad config error can also be solved by updating your network drivers. To update any type of drivers, we recommend you to update using device doctor. This software automatically detects which driver your system needs and gives you the download link of that driver.

You can also clear the cache and cookies of your browser, to eliminate this problem. In order to clear cache cookies and temp files you can either use this software or you can press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE keys from your keyboard.

Method 4: Disabling Firewall and Antivirus

You can also fix this bad config error by disabling firewall and antivirus. Sometimes firewall and antivirus doesn’t allows you to access some websites, in that case disabling firewall and antivirus can be the last option left with you to eliminate the error. To disable firewall, you can simply go to your control panel and go to windows firewall option.

we hope that this post was very helpful for you and would have solved your “DNS probe finished bad config” error from chrome browser or from your windows.




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