We know that desktop computers have become outdated models to most of the users. Nowadays, the modern users like to have something that is portable. However, when you are searching for laptops in the market, you may get confused with lots of available varieties. 2-in-1 models are now one of the newest options to the laptop users.

The laptops are named as 2-in-1 or hybrid model because they are usable in two ways. Just as traditional versions, you can use it with a keyboard or you may also utilize it as a kind of tab. Whether you are browsing websites or chatting with someone through social network platforms, everything is possible with these laptops.

This 2-in-1 design of laptops is available in two modes. The convertible ones allow you in folding the monitor for sliding it on your screen’s backside. Another option for you is the detachable model, which helps you in separating the screen from the keyboard. You can choose the latter one if you need to carry the device to different places.

After having an idea on a 2-in-1 laptop, you may now have a look at the positive and negative points of this device.

Pros of the hybrid laptops

  • Reduce the load of travelers

The hybrid laptop is the best option for those users, who need regular traveling to places with the gadget. They may also change the system to a tab, while they like to get amusements by playing games. If needed, they carry only the tab part of the device.

  • Life of the battery

You will get 2 batteries if you have bought a detachable hybrid laptop. Keyboard and tab part- both have integrated battery. These batteries also work for a longer time.

  • More fun with eBooks

To go through an eBook, you do not need to carry any heavy laptop. Use only the lightweight tab section and have enjoyment. If you need to attend a seminar as a business executive, you can note down the important information with your tab.

There’re some more desirable features of a hybrid laptop-

  • More affordable option than purchasing two different gadgets
  • Most of the models have very big sized screens
  • Allow angling your laptop screen according to your convenience
  • Many models include stylus, attached to your device
  • Helps in processing at a faster rate

Cons of hybrid style laptop

Not enough storage– Most of the 2-in-1 models do not offer significant space for storage of data.

Bulky in design– These laptop designs are also heavier, in compared to the traditional ones. The dimension of their screen may vary from ten to fifteen inches.

Keyboards not comfortable– Many users have reported that they are facing problems while typing with the keyboard of their 2-in-1 laptop.

Changing the OS is time-consuming– Hybrid models may include more than one OS. However, while you like to move to a different OS, you need to detach the tab.

Thus, you can choose any 2-in-1 laptop, if it meets your personal needs.



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