Are you planning to buy a Chromebook but before buying it, you should know everything about it that is, you should know its pros and cons. A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Linux-based Chrome operating system. Chromebook is a light weighted laptop designed for people who are generally connected to the internet. The operating system used in Chromebooks is similar to Mac OS X and Windows but unlike them it uses Linux. Also, the Chromebooks are mainly used for checking emails, surfing the web, facebook etc.

The Chromebook looks like our normal laptops but are faster and more secure than the normal ones. Many variants of Chromebook are available in the market with many features. All the leading laptop brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo are Chromebook manufacturers.

Now having known the importance and details of Chromebook, take a look at the pros and cons of the Chromebook. Below we have also given the jump links to reach the desired section quickly.

Pros of the Chromebook

Below are the advantages of the Chromebook that you should definitely consider before buying the Chromebook.

  • Price

    The key advantage of Chromebook is that it is cost effective. The decent Chromebook range starts from 200 dollars and is up to 400 dollars. One gets good features at a very affordable price. If you do not require the laptop for any specific job then Chromebook is the best to go with. Though nowadays you can find the Windows laptops in this range so this feature of Chromebook might not be the convincing one.

  • Battery

    The second advantage is the battery life of the Chromebook. The Chromebooks are expected to deliver six to eight hours of battery life. Few models might also deliver more battery life than this. This factor is also a note taking one as it helps in working for more hours without worrying about the charging. Also, the other laptops like Windows and Mac cannot provide such good battery life.

  • Security

    The Chromebook’s operating system that is Chrome OS has built-in malware and virus protection and that can be always updated to the latest version. So the Chromebook user need not worry about the infected or malicious files or folders.

  • Cloud Storage

    The another feature of Chromebook is that with any new Chromebook one gets 100GB free Google Drive storage for 2 years. Moreover, you need not worry about the backup as the system automatically backups the data to the cloud several times in a minute. Also, one can access the files from Google Drive any time he wants.

  • Sync

    The Chromebooks helps in syncing all the apps and password to the other computers. So if you are using Chrome somewhere at the office or other than all the apps and data can be synced to you Chromebook laptop.

  • Speed

    The Chromebooks provide great speed to work efficiently and smoothly. The reason behind good speed is the lightweight operating system and solid state drive.

  • Android Applications

    Recently the Google has announced that the latest Chromebook would be able to run the Android apps. This will really increase the functionality and performance of the Chromebook. This will also increase the demand of Chromebook in the market.

Cons of the Chromebook

Below we have stated some of the substantial disadvantages of the Chromebook. Take a look to decide what is better.

  • Not for Microsoft users

    If you are a Microsoft user then sadly the Chromebook is not for you. The Chrome operating system only allows using the Google Office-like services. The services provided by Google lag many important and basic features. Though it nowadays provides Android office apps it does not have good functionality.

  • No Optical Drive

    We know that the DVD/CDs have become an old thing but they do have importance. So if you want the optical drive then Chromebook is not the right choice. Sometimes you need to install antivirus or some software then, in that case, the optical drives is a must.

  • No video editing and Photoshop

    The Chromebook cannot run your Adobe Photoshop or any video editing software due to configuration limitations. You can run the alternatives for these Softwares that requires less power and have fewer features.

  • Compatibility

    There is no doubt that the Chromebook is less compatible as compared to the Windows. Windows is the widely used and preferred operating system. In Windows, there are no limitations on the type of applications or software to be run but in Chromebook, there are many limitations.

  • More Internet requirement

    Many of the apps and Softwares in Chromebook use internet connection. They cannot run without the internet. Some apps like Pixlr Editor doesn’t work at all without the internet connection. So for Chromebook, you require a good connection to the internet to enhance the functionality of the laptop.

  • No gaming

    The Chromebook is not suitable for gaming purpose due to low configuration and chrome operating system. The Chromebook doesn’t have graphics and moreover has less storage space. So, all in all, it is not made for gaming.

 Best options for Chromebook

This was the end of the article on the pros and cons of the Chromebook. We wish that you could choose the right platform to work on. For any queries, drop your question in the comment section below. We will reach out to you ASAP.


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