Why to buy a laptop with graphic card

Well, some of you might be confused finding out the reasons to buy a laptop with Graphics Card or without it? Or why to pay more for the graphics? Is there any special need for the graphics card? Some of you might even have the misconception that the graphics card are necessary only for the gaming laptops.

I am sure that after reading this post all your questions and misconceptions will be cleared. For this, you just have to be patient and take a look at the entire article. Firstly, we will understand that what is a graphics card. If you want to jump to some other sections then use the jump links given below:

What is a Graphics Card?

We can say that Graphics Card is a computer hardware piece that is responsible for displaying the output on the screen. The graphics card is used for rendering of images or we can say that it is a translator that takes bits from the CPU and converts it into pictures that we see.

Also, we can understand it in a way that if in a company some artwork is required then the instructions are sent to the art department. There the instructions are understood and accordingly the artwork is prepared to be displayed. Similar is the case with the graphics card, the CPU sends the data about the graphics or images to GPU. Then the Graphics Processing Unit decides how the pixels will be used to form the image and displayed as an output.

Reasons to Buy a Laptop with Graphics Card

Types of Graphics Card


Integrated graphics are built into the motherboard. In this type of graphics card, no add-in card is used. The integrated graphics do not use their own RAM instead they use the system memory. If we take an estimation the integrated graphics take up 1% to 5% space from the total memory available. This percentage depends on the amount of task if you are playing a game or running various applications at the same time then the GPU would take up more space.

  • Now, the integrated graphics are preferred because they are cheaper as compared to dedicated graphics. So a cheaper graphics card also cuts down the cost of the laptop or PC.
  • Moreover, another advantage of integrated graphics is that it generates very less amount of heat as compared to dedicated graphics.
  • The integrated graphics are less powerful so it takes less power and in turn, improves the battery life of the laptop.

So integrated graphics card should be an ideal choice for people who indulge in light 2D gaming, watching and editing videos, web surfing, and word processing. But this does not mean that you cannot play high-end games, you can but you will have to face slowdowns.


Dedicated graphics or also known as discrete graphics is an add- in card directly installed to the motherboard of the computer system. The discrete graphics do not use RAM space, therefore, making the system faster. These are generally used to speed up the image processing time. For example, if you have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card with 4GB dedicated memory card and 16GB RAM then the 4GB graphics card is totally separate from the RAM. This type of graphics is used by a graphic designer or by video editors or serious gamers.

  • As compared to integrated graphics these graphics require proper cooling system otherwise it will heat up the whole system
  • Dedicated graphics take up more power so will, in turn, decrease the battery life.
  • And the main point of concern is the cost of the dedicated graphics. The laptop or PC could cost really high with discrete graphics card.

Reasons to Buy a Laptop with Graphics Card: Expert Stated


Good graphics or we can say dedicated graphics are required for high-end gaming. Graphics are the crucial hardware for gaming. An old and slow graphics will not perform well and you will have to face slowdown and poor graphics quality.

2. Reduces load on CPU

The CPU of any computer system is responsible for carrying out the processing and manipulation of data. The onboard graphics takes up the RAM space which reduces the efficiency of RAM. The graphics card has its separate memory for performing all graphics task.

3. Free Memory Space

By using the graphics card in place of inbuilt ones you can save a lot of memory space. This also helps in boosting the computer performance. This also enables to store all the graphics, videos and pictures on the graphics card only.

4. Better Video

By installing a graphics card you can feel a change in the way the computer plays or edit the videos. Graphics card also helps in running the video editor, photo editors better and faster than before. The graphics card have their own memory space which delivers ultimate video playback quality.

5. Better Driver Support

The last but not the least point on the list is that the graphics card provides better driver support to new games, operating system, and software. One of the reasons behind this is that the GPU manufacturers frequently releases latest drivers for the graphics to keep them up to date.

We hope that the article on reasons to buy a laptop with Graphics Card was helpful enough for you to decide whether to go with the graphics card or not. You must have also come to know about the different graphics and the advantages of the graphics card. For any doubts directly move to the comments sections below. We will be happy to help you.



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